Christine L. Fisher Early Childhood Education Fund-  Schwan’s Cares™


Christine L. Fisher Early Childhood Education Fund- Schwan’s Cares™

On October 1, 2016 Indiana AEYC launched our 2nd annual fundraising campaign through Schwan’s Cares™ Support system. The Schwan’s Cares™ system is a very simple method to raise funds through something we all do every week, if not daily……buy groceries! Whether buying for our families or the children we serve through our early care and education facilities, 20% of sales would go to the Christine L. Fisher – Early Childhood Education Fund.

The first campaign in 2015-2016 raised a total of $453 and we are hoping to surpass this amount in 2016-2017…but we need your help!

Our 2nd annual fundraising campaign kicked-off on October 1, 2016 and for 45 days Indiana AEYC will receive 20% on all Schwan products purchased with an additional 90 days at 5%! Actual payment to Indiana AEYC will be issued 30 days after the campaign period has ended with quarterly payment the 15th of the following month for the 90 day extended time period.


Beginning October 1, 2016: All you have to do is place your order via toll free number 1-855-870-7208 or online at, “Shop Now”, and be sure to provide our campaign ID # 28919, Christine L. Fisher-Early Childhood Education Fund. Check, EBT, credit or debit cards are accepted. It’s so easy, and your order is shipped directly to you!

For existing Schwan’s customers, you will need to follow the same directions listed above to have your order contribute to the campaign. Your order will be delivered on your existing scheduled route day. For new customers, you will choose your delivery date and time during checkout.

LET’S GET STARTED and have a successful campaign that will allow additional support from the Christine L. Fisher Early Childhood Education Fund to nurture children and fund activities that support literacy, physical fitness, nutrition and artistic expression!

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To contribute you must include our campaign ID # 28919, Christine L. Fisher-Early Childhood Education Fund

Learn more about Christine L. Fisher and her amazing legacy

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