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Professional Development

NAEYC and Indiana AEYC deliver value to our members through professional development, program recognition, scholarships, research and information and networking

Professional Development & Resources

  • Attend the Indiana Early Childhood Conference, sponsored by Indiana AEYC, Local Indiana AEYC Chapter conferences and professional development events at a discounted member rate
  • Receive NAEYC’s award-winning periodical with the latest information on early childhood education
  • Participate in face-to-face and online learning programs
  • Receive scholarship opportunities from Indiana AEYC and the Local Indiana AEYC Chapters
    for membership, professional development, and accreditation
Skills acquired by children enrolled at our program build the foundation for their lives, and the support of Indiana AEYC’s services has enabled us to continually meet the needs of all children.
8% Increase annually for the last four years.
Through the Indiana Accreditation Project, Indiana AEYC provides financial and technical support to over 900 early care and education and school age facilities across the state.

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